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HEMPER - Notes Kit

HEMPER - Notes Kit

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The HEMPER Notes Kit features our very own HEMPER Notes Luxury Rolling Papers paired up with some of our most popular accessories. Our super-fine organic hemp & natural non-toxic soy coloring provides not just a smooth smoke, but a serious statement.

Throw in our glass tips, HEMPER Rolling Tray and you'll be rolling up some classy jays in style. And every pack comes with the original HEMPER Keeper grinder and storage canister to roll up where ever you please.


  • 5 Packs of HEMPER Notes Luxury Rolling Papers
  • 5 HEMPER Glass Filter Tips
  • Assorted HEMPER Keeper
  • Assorted HEMPER Rolling Tray
  • Assorted HEMPER "Cannaflage" Ashtray

Notes Rolling Paper is crafted from super fine organic hemp & natural non-toxic soy coloring. The proprietary glue strip on every HEMPER Note is enhanced for superior sealing. The convenient, resealable wallet protects and stores your papers and tips as you roll in luxury with HEMPER Notes.

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