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HEMPER - High Roller's Deluxe Rolling Kit


The HEMPER high roller's deluxe rolling kit is the best way to start showing off to your friends during the next cyph! Whether you're experienced or completely new to the world of rolling. 

No matter what your preferred method of smoking is, we've packaged essentials rolling items together that will improve your cyph sessions and get you lit like never before! In this kit, get all of your rolling essentials at a steeply discounted kit price!

This kit will sell out soon so get it while you can!!

  • Assorted Hemper keeper
  • Assorted Hemper rolling tray
  • Assorted "cannaflage" silicone ashtray
  • Assorted king size papers
  • Assorted cones
  • Hemper glass filter tip
  • Hemper perforated filter tips (50 ct)
  • Assorted bic lighter
  • Assorted Hemper doob tube
  • Assorted smell-proof large bags (5ct)

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