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Hemper Cosmic XL Bong


For this year's 7/10, we decided to make a space-themed bong. This bong is one of our first monthly XL glass pieces featuring a transparent hourglass body. 

It stands at a massive size of 10" which is ideal for those are trying to get lit real fast! This bong features a large cone showerhead perc which will produce big tokes only + has an extended stem to catch reclaim or ashes. 

  • 10 in. Tall
  • 4 in. Diameter Base
  • Transparent Black Hourglass body
  • Large Cone Showerhead Percolator
  • Extended Stem to catch reclaim or ashes
  • Space Decals
  • Splash Guard
  • Green H Decal


  • (1) Black Hole XL Bong
  • (1) 14 mm flower bowl

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