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G Pen Elite Vaporizer - Ground Material


The G Pen Elite is an ergonomically designed portable convection vaporizer, featuring a full LED display with temperature control, battery life indicator, and all-ceramic heating chamber.

With a revolutionary 360 ceramic heating element, the G Pen Elite provides fast and even convection vaporization of ground material from all sides.

Users can set their device to any desired temperature between 200° - 428°F (93° - 220°C), experimenting with low temperature vaporization to find your optimal flavor profile! This innovative technology opens up an entirely new vaporizing experience with unrivaled performance, taste, and effects.

This pen is perfect for clean and efficient vaporization!  Many customers prefer a vaporizer for the smoother, more flavorful hit produced without combustion!


  • 1 G Pen Elite Vaporizer (For Ground Material)
  • 1 G Card
  • 1 G Pen Tool
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 G Cleaning Brush
  • *Ground Material not included
  • *Chamber capacity is ~0.75 grams
  • *Not compatible with concentrates or liquids

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