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Cookies G Pen Gio Battery


These days, we’re on all the go. From work to leisure activities and everything in-between, we often find ourselves without the ability to “plug in” to a wall outlet or car charger.

And nothing is worse than going to fire up your vaporizer only to find out the battery is near depleted. That’s where the Cookies G Pen Bio Battery can help.

This exclusive design is made specifically for use with G Pen Gio Cartridges. Optimized for peak performance with every single use.

Easy to travel with, this pocket-friendly design is both ergonomic and easy to tuck away in a container, pocket or purse.

Boasting a sleek zinc-alloy casing, the Cookies G Pen Gio Battery is both rock solid and performance minded.

Sporting a 210 mAh battery and pass-through charging by way of micro USB, this battery can keep your G Pen functioning at peak performance all day.

Your Purchase Comes with:

  • 1 G Pen Gio Battery
  • 1 Micro-USB charging cable 

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