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AirVape X Vaporizer


If you’re looking for a truly powerful yet portable dry herb vaporizer, take a closer look at the AirVape X. The AirVape X is the bigger brother of the popular AirVape Xs and has a 25% larger ceramic chamber housed inside a super sleek pocket-friendly design.

This clean and full flavored vape is made possible through the AirVape X’s hybrid conduction and convection heating system. The ceramic heats the bowl, allowing hot air to flow in covering every millimeter of surface area, thoroughly heating every last bit of your dry herb strain so you can be sure nothing is going to waste. The vapor then travels down an isolated air path, retaining all the potency and intense flavor in every hit.  

The precision temperature control settings on the AirVape X allows you to customize your vaping experience down to the degree so you can find the perfect temperature setting for your favorite strains, unlocking their full flavor. The temperature can be set using two easy to navigate rubber arrow buttons. Once your preferred temp is set, the AirVape X will heat up in an impressive 20 seconds, making this one of the fastest portable vaporizers out there!

All of these incredible features come in a surprisingly lightweight and portable design. At less than a half-inch thin and 3.2 ounces, the AirVape X is one of the slimmest and lightest dry herb vaporizers on the market today, making it the perfect travel companion for vaping wherever your heart desires. The AirVape X is available in 2 colors to suit your personality and can be used with both dry herbs and oil concentrates.

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