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Cookies CBD

The Cookies brand is the stuff legends is made of. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Jai (the growth expert) and Berner (creator of the infamous GSC – Girl Scout Cookies), the brand has earned critical acclaim from across the world.

Through the use of innovative genetics and cross-breeding, Cookies has brought to market some of the most highly sought-after strains of cannabis and hemp to date. Controlling the process from seed to sale, Cookies maintains unparalleled control over the quality, purity and potency of every plant and product they produce.

As a lifestyle brand, Cookies has evolved past it’s marijuana roots to offer a broad range of products it’s raving fans adore. From fashion merchandise and music collaborations, to mushrooms, CBD and vaporizers.

Highlighted Cookies CBD and Vape Products

Cookies X Stündenglass

From a collaboration with famed Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner, comes the Stündenglass, an innovative gravity hookah featuring a 360-degree rotational glass piece that facilitates kinetic motion activated by cascading water displacement. The result? A smooth, consistent and immersive experience like no other. Perfect for enjoying Hemp or CBD flower.

Cookies X G Pen Dash

Unique dry herb vaporizer that is as discreet as it is powerful. With three temperature settings for optimal control, and a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber, each pull is smooth and potent. Other features: ergonomic design, fits in any pocket, integrated air path, haptic feedback smart button, and more.

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