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Chef Henny X Hemper

Harvey J, better known as Chef Henny, grew up in Atlanta, but quickly skyrocketed to a social media sensation due to his elaborate cooking techniques, all involving Henny!  Watch in shock, or find yourself impressed, as Chef Henny cooks up Henny Fried Chicken, Henny Pancakes and more!



The HEMPER Team collaborated with Harvey J, better know as Chef Henny!  If you've never seen Chef Henny's cooking videos, you're missing out on some Henny infused goodness!

We designed a scientific rig out of everyones favorite bottle shape!  The Showerhead percolator, when paired with the angled bottle-shaped body, allows for some of the smoothest rips you can possibly imagine! The built in ice pinch provides an even smoother hit when you add in some crushed ice!  Grab those custom Henny papers, and you're ready for any sesh!

Our fan favorite silicone ashtray was also included in Chef Henny's box!  Its perfect for clumsy smokers, being made of medical grade silicone, it will never melt or break!  

Last but certainly not least, we included a custom designed Henny Gang bottle air freshener which is perfect for your car, office or home. 

Check out Chef Henny's full collection here.

What's Included:

  • Henny Gang x HEMPER Rig
  • Assorted "New Money" Silicone Ashtray
  • Assorted 10ct Medium Smellproof Bags
  • Henny Rolling Papers
  • Hemper Paper Filter Tips
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • Henny Air Freshener
  • Hemper Notes Pre Roll Cones
  • 14 mm Male Flower Bowl
  • Henny V2 Air Freshener
  • Assorted HEMPER Sticker
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