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6 Reasons To Shop At An Online Headshop

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

6 Reasons To Shop At An Online Headshop

Shopping At An Online Headshop better than a glass shop - Worth it?

As the internet continues to grow, people have been increasingly interested in purchasing products online as opposed to local walk-in stores. But, when it comes to headshops or a glass shop, people still tend to gravitate towards their local brick and mortar headshops with the assumption that those shops are safer and offer better quality products.

This presumption is not necessarily valid. While it’s true that a walk-in shop may have the convenience of bringing home a product that very instant, it’s also true that you are most likely not getting the best product for your money.

To prove it, here are five reasons why you should shop at an online headshop such as, where you’ll be hard pressed to find a better selection of the best smoking accessories, bubblers, pipes, vaporizers and more on the market. Our selections are hand-curated by experts that know a thing or two about enjoying herb and work hard to make sure each product is thoroughly tested and vetted for quality and performance.

Reasons to Shop at an Online Headshop


Physical stores have a lot of overhead and expenses such as rent, electricity, heat, and phone bills that they need to pay for on a monthly basis. Because of these expenses, local stores tend to jack up the prices on the products they sell in order to cover the hard costs of doing business with a glass shop.

Online headshops don’t need to worry about these expenses, so they are able to keep the price of their products at a minimum, which saves you a lot of money. In other words, when you buy products from a local vape shop, you are also paying for their insurance, utilities, and rent which they disguise in the price of their products.

Online headshops also have a larger market to sell to, and because they are often able to push more volume off of their digital shelves they can afford to offer lower prices, making less per sale, but more sales in general, passing those savings along to customers.

Because of these reasons, it will almost always be cheaper to shop online, even for the exact same product.


Of course, it’s convenient to be able to bring home your purchase the moment you buy it, but brick and mortar shops do not offer special perks that come with online shops. For example, replacing a broken or malfunctioning product is one benefit of shopping online. Another benefit is that online shops offer product insurance in case something breaks or stops working. And finally, it’s not just the free shipping that makes online headshops stand out, but it’s their discreet packaging when shipping a product. You will never need to worry about your parents finding a bag that displays the name of a headshop in bright green letters.


One of the best things about shopping at an online headshop is that most shops will never sell a product on their site that they haven’t tried themselves. When was the last time you went into a walk-in headshop where the associate has tried every piece in the store?

Since online shops have various employees, they are able to give authentic reviews and information about each and every different product, including the standard of safety. They also have the ability to remove any vendors that they either don’t trust, or that has sent poorly operating products.


Let’s face it, while smoking herb has come a long way in shaking the stigma of the past, negative perception and bias still exist. Many individuals would rather their family, friends or boss not accidentally see them coming out of a headshop in their local community. Online headshops such as Hemper care about your privacy and use unmarked discreet boxes when shipping so that only you know what is inside.


Online headshops have more connections with various suppliers than brick and mortar shops, which generally results in a wider selection of products for you to choose from. Local vape shops only tend to network with select suppliers that they must consistently use, especially when that supplier becomes a part of their branding. Online shops don’t need to worry about staying loyal to just one or two suppliers, and because the internet makes it easier to network in general, you will have three times as many product options as you would at a local shop.

Not only that, but online headshops are typically known to carry more expensive glass products that are made of higher quality glass. You would think that brick and mortar shops would have a higher quality product, but they don’t. Cheaper made glass has less of a risk of breakage during mass shipments, and so local shops tend to stick with cheaper quality glass products. After all, the cost of broken products is not cheap.


Unlike walk-in stores, online headshops bank on selling their products through a screen. To make up for the lack of tangible options and immediate one-on-one service, online shops will always have extremely detailed and elaborate descriptions of every product they sell. This is also beneficial when it comes to walking into a store where the associate doesn’t know much about certain products. And so, online headshops excel in thinking ahead by answering any question that you may have by writing a thorough, descriptive product summary. Some examples of valuable product information include specific features, materials, dimensions, and even brand and product comparisons.

It is important to research this information before buying a product, and online headshops do a great job of giving you this information up front.


For those who may have been under the impression that it is always better and safer to shop at a brick and mortar headshop or glass shop, hopefully these reasons will help to prove otherwise. Online headshops will never sell you something that they are uncomfortable with themselves, they have the ability to display intricate product descriptions, and you receive a higher quality product for a way lower price. Be sure to see all that Hemper has available in their store.